MUSES is STORYTELLER that collects stories of contemporary Women from different parts of the World and sets them to MUSIC.

Our TEAM is composed by YOUNG WOMEN actively playing different roles in the MUSIC industry: songwriters, performers, composers, orchestrators, music business professionals, mixing and mastering engineers (and much more..). United to give life to a project that wants to see more women Working and make their own way in the MUSIC environment, while putting music at the service of social justice and equality.

Our purpose is to leave remarkable tracks of WOMEN'S STORIES and of the POSITIVE MESSAGES they are spreading to THE WORLD, to let the future generations be inspired by them.

MUSES ADVOCATE and sustains the SOCIAL CAUSES our MUSES are fighting for, through ARTS, MUSIC and COLLECTIVE INITIATIVES.

Too often in the history women achievements and capabilities in different fields have not been properly recognized  or even have been hidden due to unfair social schemes and behavior. We want to create a different "history" for the future, changing the present and giving the deserved recognition to women's action and stories leaving a real tracks of them.


The POWER of believing in their own goals and passions in life. They are strong women doing positive acts for others while pursuing their own visions either in personal or professional paths.


MUSES works hard to research, find stories, and use the power of music and art to advocate for social empowerment education. We also incorporate cultural and contemporary elements in order to deliver this message in a unique way that can resonate with audiences from all over the world.



We want to use Pop Music as a common universal language influenced by traditional music to reach the widest range of population keeping , at the same time, the authenticity of the cultural backgrounds these women are coming from.


Creator and Founder of MUSES is Noemi Cruciani eclectic artist, she is a professional Singer Songwriter and Designer. This duality in arts and business give her the chance to keep an open mind about transversal opportunities and ideas to develop MUSES and make it grow in the industry with creative solutions , connected to other worlds not only related to music.


Our goal is to create a MOVEMENT to empower people through, music, stories and art.

Our message will be delivered through our worldwide distributed tracks and live shows

The design project of our merchandise pieces will speak with empowering phrases not only to women, but certainly from the own words of strong women, to empower and inspire positive and motivational thoughts. 

Our purpose and wish for the future, is to leave remarkable tracks of these stories for the new generations, to empower others as the ancient Greek “MUSES” did in mythology, giving human INSPIRATION.